Questions to reflect in December 

It is my Birthday in December and so December to me is a time when I reflect on my life: it’s meaning, where I am going, how I feel I am doing, where I could improve. This year especially, has brought massive changes including: becoming self employed, writing ebooks, posting a blog, getting fitter, teaching more music lessons and starting up my first company- iMipresents!

Where are you going in your life?
Therefore I find it helpful to ask large, probing questions which stimulate deep level thinking and allow new ideas and actions to come forward. I think you will find these questions very helpful to you in your life, as they can be applied to fit any situation. Take your time and give each question time and space to be answered, there’s no need to rush. The questions are:
How has this year been for me in general?

What have I loved doing?

What have I hated?

Where am I giving the most value to people in my life?

Who can I help more?

How can I look after myself?

What do I feel nourishes me?

What have been some of my funniest moments?

Where do I find purpose in my life?

Who do I love?

Who loves me?

What am I grateful for?

What am I committed to doing?

What awful things have happened?

What can I learn from them?

What do I want to see in my life moving forward?

How will I know when I have got there?

Where do I find meaning and purpose?

What new skills have I learned?

Are you ready to take off?
Pick one or several of these questions, take some quiet time and ask them of yourself. Do not try and answer immediately, give them space and proper contemplation and answers will emerge. You may find it helpful to write answers down. I personally keep folders in the notes app on my iPhone and write down thoughts with the date included, so I can chart ideas and changes in thinking in time. Many or all of these questions can also be asked more frequently, such as monthly, daily or even weekly. I ask myself several of these questions every day and find them very useful for framing my day and they help me to continually strive onwards and upwards.
Take care in this blessed season on Advent

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