Year 2016 highlight- building my own pizza oven! Part II

It had been our relationship anniversary and myself and my girlfriend popped out for a romantic Italian meal. We have a strong love for food and cooking and as the conversation flowed around such, she dropped this question. 
“Erm,” I wasn’t sure. 

Now if I just learned how to make it, I’d have nothing at the end of it. Whereas if we made one, I’d have my own…

“Let’s make one!!” I blurted out.

Her eyes lit up and she smiled widely, 

“Awesome, let’s do it!” She replied enthusiastically. 

And so we set to it. I love my girlfriend for she always inspires me to try new things, to be willing to fail, to stretch myself. And this certainly did! Up until then I’d always said to myself that I wasn’t particularly skilled with my hands, that I want practical. But I now know that this was just lazy thinking. I’ve played guitar for over 15 years and did Jui Jitsu for 12, both of which rely on a body mind connection and are very practical. But at this point I didn’t know that, I just knew that I wanted pizza!

So we set to it. With s big of money saved and YouTube we began to think of what we wanted it to look like. But I had no idea just how difficult it would be and that before it was finished, it would challenge me immensely and even risk my health.

Tomorrow’s instalment- building the pizza oven!…

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