Thank you all so much to my global readers!! 

I just had to write this blog post to say thank you!!
This is the first week of my blog and the response I have had has completely knocked me for six!!….So many people have been reading it and asking me about it and sharing it with their friends, I am so humbled. From The Philippines to America and even the United Arab Emerites, this blog has gone global in its first week! Before blogging, I didn’t quite understand when bloggers would mention their tribe, but I already have people who are asking me when the next post will be up! This is a wonderful feeling, to know that I’m providing you with something fun and entertaining. It can be a difficult world at times, so to be able to contribute towards someone’s happiness, even for a couple of minutes in a small way, is a real privilege. So if you are reading this, then thank you! A special mention has to go to Kelly and Coral who took the time to send me a fantastic photo of hem at the world famous Ayers Rock reading my blog- thanks girls, the photo is great!

I started this blog to provide people with information, motivation and inspiration and it’s great to know that already, from the feedback I’m getting from people, it’s doing just that. Please comment below to let me know what you are enjoying and I’ll definitely do my best to give you more of that! And if you are enjoying this blog, please share it with your friends and become a follower. 

As a special something, if we can get readers in 10 different countries by the end of Sunday, I promise you I’ll put something special up here. So please like, comment and share. 

Let’s make it happen!
Michael ☺️

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