Advent reflections-Week 3

Advent reflections for the start of the third week of Advent

What are you waiting for in your life?

This question is a powerful one and for me it can help me to reflect on the deeper meaning and direction of my life. It also serves as a stimulus for further questions:

Am I waiting for good things?

Am I expecting bad things?

What am I doing to make things happen or am I just hoping that they will?

To live in hope is a wonderful thing. It is not passively waiting for things to get better by themselves. No, to live in hope is to pull your heart upwards and forwards towards a better life. It means you are open to better opportunities, increased health and vitality and you are not limiting yourself in your foresight. Christians await the coming of Jesus at Christmas as a powerful symbol of hope of God being close to them in the darkness of winter and throughout the coming year. Every year it serves as a reminder that by embracing the hope of a better future we can wait confidently for love to find a way.

I believe all people can embrace this great idea of waiting in hope and love in our daily lives. It simply means that no matter the situation or circumstance you find yourself in, you can know that it will not last forever and thus endure, be resilient and know that better things are coming. A perfect example of this is when it rains and the weather is gloomy and grey. Many people may be quick to say Oh it’s horrible this rain! And complain. However, we as hopeful people know that it is only a matter of time until it stops, it will stop, it has before and beautiful sunshine will come. You just have to be willing to wait for it. 

In my life I have found that being willing to wait for things has greatly increased my appreciation of the present moment. By feeling safe and happy that the future will bring both good things and give me the resilience to endure the bad, I am free to rest easy in the present. To enjoy it and be open to all it’s fantastic possibilities.

And so at the beginning of this Third Week of Advent may you rest easy in your heart, knowing that great things are coming to you. May you hold both the foresight for a great future and the awareness of today close in your heart. And may you be blessed, today and always. 


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