Guest post- The wonderful Ana! 

In my first week of writing, I have been amazed by the wealth of talent of bloggers out there. I’ve also been overwhelmed by how kind and welcoming people have been. One such person is Ana, who writes thought provoking, reflective poems.

So I have asked her to guest on here, in keeping with my current theme of Advent, a time of waiting.

And so, here is Ana! The photographs are mine and I feel they have combined well together to create a lovely piece.

You can find Ana’s blog here:

Ana’s Blog
Please like and comment to show support for such a talented young woman. If you would like to guest post here, please let me know in the comments section.
Michael ☺️

*I’M still waiting*
Always, was our promises.

I’m still waiting, holding

Your memories close to my chest,

Dizzy in heat trying to put one step in front of another, falling, getting up , crawling — hoping you’d pick me up, wishing you’ll turn around and see.
But wait , answer this ,

We were holding hands

When world brought me down

To my knees and you said you’d never let go. so,

Tell me why did you let me slip away ?

* The dawn I’m waiting for *

As the first light of dawn breaks

And you are awake to see it all unfold right in front of your eyes,

the way she opens her eyes, slowly.

That moment seem more beautiful

Then any sunrise you’ve ever

witnessed .

That’s the dawn I’m waiting for .

*waiting for new day*
They were chain around my neck,

Like a stopper in throat,

Squeezing out all of my breath;

Was underwater; unable to float.
It felt helpless to be around them,

I felt so tiny and powerless,

I tried screaming for help,

But I just sank deeper into their hands.
But I know my worth and I know myself,

I know I won’t grow if I stay,

It’s time to put them on my shelf,

And wait for the new day.
I have up the dark,

To taste the sun,

I felt the spark.

My awakening has begun.


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