Reflections for Third Week of Advent- Gratitude 

Good morning to you. I hope that your time of Advent is going well.
I would like to open this Third Week of Advent by talking about a powerful force in my life and one that is very relevant at this time of year: gratitude.

A spirit of gratitude, of appreciation, of love for what you are and what you are so fortunate to have can transform your life. In these times where we have the Internet, fibre optic streaming, downloading and contactless paying, we have almost immediate access to things. And yet, without gratitude, even one’s family and friends, health and spirit can become just commodities- things to have and to do. This is not enough for us, we deserve more. 

Take the time to appreciate and be grateful for the person that you are. Be thankful for your faults and little bits you don’t like, for they are yours and help to make you…you! To be grateful for the ultimate gift you possess, yourself, is the best place to begin. I personally, take the time to ask myself this question every day,

What am I grateful for in my life?

Once I have asked that, so many answers flow into my mind- my life, health, family, friends, my house, living in peace, music, food etc. Once you look with eyes of gratitude, you can find examples of it everywhere. The world is constantly giving to us. We would be foolish to refuse it because there are bits we don’t like. Instead, if we can embrace all with gratitude and hope, then all become sources of happiness, potential growth and builders of our character. 

I am happy to be alive. I have the gift of myself to walk around with and enjoy. I have more than enough to survive and I get to live in peace. For that I am thankful. It is very important that we suspend all judgement when thinking of gratitude, especially towards ourselves. If we embrace our lives and all their bits and bobs with gratitude, then there is no need to place a comparison of our situation with someone else’s. Instead, we will see similarities and threads of solidarity which we can tie together to help each other.

So may we be grateful this week, for all that it will bring. And may you know that someone somewhere is feeling grateful that you are in their lives.


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