Why are you here? A Question to inspire in Advent 

Reflections for week 3 of Advent 

As we approach the final week of Advent, here is a question to help inspire you in your Advent Reflections.
Why am I here?
The best questions are not answered easily. Instead they provoke deeper thought, challenge you and strive to make you more whole. I believe that if you can answer a why question first, then you can answer any following what and how questions that follow on. For example, I am writing to you this morning out of a love and desire to help people and that drives what I write and how I go about it.

If you can be brave enough to ask yourself this question, the positive repercussions in your life can be powerful. For example, asking why am I here? in life makes you consider such aspects as: 

Where do I find meaning?

 What and who do I love? 

What is true for me? 

How can I live best? 

 Do not be afraid to ask these questions and then wait for answers. They may not turn up at first, but to deeply reflect on one’s life helps you to keep it centred on what is most important to you. 

Use the why am I here? question in several different situations in your life and see how you can make it work for you. For example, if you go to work today, once there ask yourself, why am I here? And self what your heart tells you. That will then drive your subsequent behaviour. Are you there to help people? To provide a service? To serve? to make money? Several of these things? When you know your reason for being somewhere, it will help to drive your behaviours and make sure that they are authentic.

Here are several places that you can apply the why am I here? question:

In your life in general

At work 

In any group you belong to 

In any difficult and challenging situation you find yourself today 

In any social situation

In any fun situation 

With family and friends 

I hope that by considering your deeper reasons for being, they can help you to live your life more fully, authentically   and help you to be happy.


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