Reflections for Third Week of Advent- who are you?

Reflections in Advent Inspiration in a special time 

We are approaching the last week of Advent and soon it will be Christmas. So far we have looked at kindness, the power of people and having hope. Today I would like to ask you a question, 

Who are you?

I would like you to have the courage to repeatedly ask yourself this question over the next couple of days and see which answers emerge from deep within you.

Now this is not a question with a simple answer. Nor is this a single situation to apply analysis and critique towards. Instead we are looking at your meaning, purpose and values in your life. A single person can be seen as many to different people: for me I am a son, a brother, a teacher, an uncle, a cousin and a boyfriend, to name but a few. None of these particular titles sum me up but all contribute towards who I am. Equally in a different field I am a man, I am heterosexual, I am a lifelong learner. There are many titles and labels which can he useful for categorising ourselves, but every one will ultimately fall short of who you really are. You are much more than any of these one things: your resources are deeper, your thoughts are wider and your feelings are wilder and stronger than any one title can contain. And that is good!

Now is the time to look at yourself and how you see yourself. How the outside world sees you is not as important, as that will be a reflection and attraction of what you believe and show to be true of yourself. The best part is that you choose who and how you want to be. Are you a strong person? Do you want to be strong? In which case you need to simply think and act in a strong way. 

Which of these descriptions resonates with you: compassionate, loving, driven, kind, resourceful, vital, passionate?

 You can be any and all or none of these things. You really do have the choice.

I love this time of year, because it provides us with time and space to truly look at our lives and how they are going. Are there some parts of you that need fixing? Who are you when you are alone with yourself? Where are you most happy? It will not be easy answering these questions and that is precisely why they contain so much reward, they sit inside like a golden rose surrounded by cold white snow: beautiful truths just waiting to be touched.

Best of luck with your journey 

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