Inspiration for the Third Saturday of Advent- who loves you? 

Reflections for Advent

Inspiration for The Third Saturday of Advent 
Who do I love and who loves me?

I ask myself these questions every morning as part of my routine to set me up for a good day and they do the world of good. 

By considering who you love, your closest ones will come to mind: you parents, family, friends, partners. But by asking this question several times you may be surprised by others that come into mind: aqaintances, animals, even strangers. By reflecting on who I love, I am greeted by a warm surge of glowing feeling and the faces of my dearest ones. And over time, this has now extended beyond my nearest people towards a more general love for all people. It is a great feeling when you realise that the love you hold for your family and friends does not have a limit and can be applied towards all people!

And the follow up related question who loves me? is very important

As love involves both giving and receiving, being active and still, it’s lovely to take time to realise that you bring vibrancy into other people’s lives just by being yourself. Hopefully the people that came to your mind that you love, love you back. If this is not the case however, it is still possible to love someone and not expect love back. For example, I have love for all people, but that does not mean I expect them to love me back or even like me! I have love and the right intentions towards them, and that’s all that matters. 
What a wonderful experience it is to know that you loved. And you are, unconditionally. I guarantee that even if you cannot bring a particular person or group of people to mind, you will light up someone’s day just by being around. 

Take a moment to consider that and allow it to make you feel good. When I do this in the morning, when I remember that I am lovable and loving, it brings a terrific surge of appreciation and gratitude towards life. You are a walking gift towards someone else, what a wonderful way to see oneself! 
So try today to try and see with the eyes of love. And know that

no matter who you are, someone loves you. No matter what you have done, you are always capable of being accepted, understood and cherished. 

As I get older I can appreciate this even more and if truly humbles me.

May you enjoy loving and being loved this Advent 


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