Reflections in the final week of Advent Hold  on to hope

Reflections in the final week of AdventHold on to hope 
Do you have hope?
A belief that things can get better, something to hold on to, an excited promise. Hope is a wonderful thing. Those who live in hope are full of joy and energy and gladness in their hearts, for they choose to live a life transformed. 

When we have hope it can change our current situation by reframing its parameters

Nothing lasts forever in our lives, the very best of times will end, but so will the worst. To embrace this truth can be a source of great personal power and hope. No matter how challenging the struggle one may go through, if one can endure and be hopeful in the knowledge of its temporariness, then it becomes a time illuminated as only temporary. 

You can endure anything if you know that it will not last forever. And as we approach Christmas, every illuminated beautiful house that you see is a sign of hope, a light in the darkness, proof that we can outshine and endure and choose to hope for more. There is nothing more beautiful for me driving home at night than seeing a house illuminated, lit up and brilliant with bright, glowing Christmas lights of all sorts of shapes and sizes. It is a powerful statement of joy and intent- great things are coming, the light outshines the dark.

So in your life may you be hopeful. If you are going through difficult times, keep going! It shall pass. If you are enjoying great times, fantastic! May they continue and come again soon. Remember that no winter lasts all year round and it is always sunny somewhere, even if only in your heart. 

Where there is life there is hope 

Where here is hope there is faith 

Where there is faith anything is possible  
Be hopeful today 

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