Advent reflections for the final week of Advent- Winter has come 

Reflections for the final week of Advent 

The beginning of Winter 
Today marks the winter solstice, the beginning of the beautiful season of winter. As nature closes its eyes and begins to slumber and prepare for next year, may you smile and know that there are great things being prepared for you. 
Christmas is almost here and we have been preparing and reflecting for nearly a month now, but what does that mean? Hopefully it means that we are feeling present and capable for the fun and challenge of the Christmas holidays as well as spending some time learning from our lives and using foresight to plan ahead a little.

For myself, I have never enjoyed the Advent season as much as this year. Through reflection, quiet time and gratitude I feel more able to both enjoy and feel the fun and magic of Christmas than every before. House lights twinkle brighter, ginger bread and mince pies taste sweeter and every bright, cold fresh  breath of air feels vital. 
As the winter holidays begin and life slows down and work goes away for a time, this is an opportunity to rest and regenerate ourselves. Usually more in mind than body, we may be feeling weary from our good work, so take the time to be good to yourself over the next couple of weeks. Do the things that help you to feel good. That might mean not doing what others are doing, you might want to read rather than drink, play music rather than spend time watching tv.

Do what is right to nourish you this winter
Spending this time well will set you up for the new year and with just a little bit of time spent thinking about it, your holidays do not need to be stressful, over crowded events. Here are some things that help me to relax and feel good, try some out!





Quiet time



Just sitting and staring 

A long walk 

Deep breathing 

Time with family and friends as well as time alone 

Good sleeping patterns 
With autumn leaves now on the floor and Christmas coming once more may a wave of cheer, joy and awe spread today from door to door.

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