Reflections for Christmas….So, what next? 

Reflections for Christmas 

So, what next?
The big day has come and gone, and I hope you have had a wonderful one.

I’m sure it was full of food, presents and family. And so, the question becomes, what next? I am a reflective learner, which means I am keen to learn from each experience and I take the time to consider it afterwards. And I’d like to do that with Christmas.

Our chocolate Yule log! 🎄

Hopefully you are feeling some Christmas cheer and joy in your heart and you are having an enjoyable time However, if you are struggling a little, then these questions may be helpful to keep your spirits up.

What was your favourite moment of yesterday?

Perhaps you enjoyed a good laugh or a tasty meal. It might have been the sight of the Christmas tree all lit up or a funny movie you watched. 

Focus on it, revisit the scene in your mind and hold it close.
What are you grateful for from yesterday?

Did you receive lots of presents? Perhaps a certain one brought a smile to your face? I got a great t shirt of a band I love called Rush! It might just be the fact you have your good health to enjoy and a family that love you

What are you able to do now that you wouldn’t usually?

For me I am loving having time to do extra meditation and prayer. Also I have been relaxing the rules of my nutrition and enjoying lots of chocolate and goodies! I’m having lazy lie ins and seeing more of my family. All these things I would not usually do so they provide a welcome relief from regular routine.

And so over be next few days, keep your spirits high, enjoy the variety that they will being and I hope these questions can help you to feel joy and good cheer this Christmas time.

Peace and good will to you 

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