Advent reflections- feeling low? 5 tips to lift your spirits this Christmas 

Reflections for the final week of Advent 

High spirits?

I’d like to take the time to acknowledge a sometimes most understood aspect of the Christmas holidays, what’s sometimes called the festive spirit, Christmas cheer or feeling Christmassy. If you are already excited, buzzing and full of joy for Christmas, then I congratulate you. And I would like to speak to the people who may not, and may well be feeling low or worse.

Firstly, it’s ok I’ve you haven’t got the Christmas spirit. It can be quite annoying sometimes to see people seemingly endlessly happy when you do not feel so. It can lead to feelings of low self worth, jealousy and envy or misanthropic notions of wanting everyone else to just leave you alone. If that speaks to you…that’s ok!
Sometimes it feels like festive cheer and spirit are a bit like winter bugs and colds, you can catch them sometimes even if you don’t want them

And other times they are conspicuously absent, even if you would like to welcome them. If that is resonating with you and you find yourself feeling a bit hollow, I have some suggestions that may help you.

1. Spend time with yourself.

 Not thinking, not ruminating on low feelings or nasty thoughts, just be. Do some deep breathing and feel comfortable in your own company. This will help you to feel more secure when around others, especially those you don’t not like much. 

2. Do not believe the hype

Like in school when you thought everyone else must be having more fun than you, I can guarantee that everyone will be having stressed, low moments. Do not believe the images on tv adverts of perfection and endless glitter, everyone will have difficult moments this Christmas. 

3. Reach out to help someone else

This can be brilliant to help take you out of yourself. It may be sending a nice txt to someone, donating some money online to charity or even just having your neighbour round for a cup of tea. 

I am a great believer in the healing power of good company. 

4. Find an animal! 

Animals are great companions for lifting your spirits. Spend some time with yours or one from your family. If you do not have one, tv programmes such as Super vet are brilliant!

5. Take care of your health. 

Drinking lots of water, getting good sleep, eating lots of fruit and veg and getting exercise, even light walking and lots of fresh air will help the machine of your body running smoothly, which can help lift your mind.
So in these last few days before Christmas I would like you to know, as Jessie J said,

 It’s  ok not to be ok!

 Try out those tips, invent your own, and be kind to yourself this Christmas.
I’d like to know, what do you do to keep yourself well over Christmas? Please comment below and let’s help each other.
Thank you 

6 thoughts on “Advent reflections- feeling low? 5 tips to lift your spirits this Christmas 

  1. That was so useful, thanks for sharing!
    (´• ω •`) (^▽^) (⌒ω⌒) ∑d(゚∀゚d)
    ╰(▔∀▔)╯ (─‿‿─) (*^‿^*) ヽ(o^―^o)ノ

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