Christmas reflections- looking back on 2016

Reflections at Christmas Time 

The New Year is calling…
The New Year, 2017, is almost with us. These last few days of 2016 are precious, and I’d like to suggest something that may help you to enjoy them.

I found this and had to share it with you! ☺
Last night, after dinner, myself and my girlfriend took the time to reflect on 2016. We did not do this by looking at the year as a whole, but by thinking of some of our favourite parts and telling mini stories about each one. 

There was the time I held the tarantula, skied down mountains in the Czech Republic, planted our allotment, cooked new food, swam in the Irish Sea and played music live on stage. 

There were so many lovely memories. Reliving each one and talking about why it was fun and enjoyable was a lovely relaxing, reflective activity, which we both enjoyed. I’d recommend you take some time with a loved one to sit, holding hands and relive and rekindle some of your favourite times of this year. Once you start talking you will find that there will have been many!

Enjoy your reflections and the coming few days 

And a special hello to my first readers from Sri Lanka!! 🇱🇰


For anyone still enjoying Christmas left overs! ☺

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