2016 Reflections. 2017? I don’t know…yet

2016 Reflections 

I don’t know yet 

Christmas Day has been and gone and it is not long till New Year 2017, and I am sure that like many of us, you may be creating plans for the New Year, wondering what will happen, possibly even evaluating how your life is going and what you would like to improve.
I’d like to suggest a phrase which came into my head today, which has been helping me a lot recently:
I don’t know…yet.
At the moment, lots of things are up in the air in the world, there will be a lot of complexity and unforeseen events on the horizon and that can bring uncertainty and even anxiety into your mind. It can be tempting to over simplify things or to hope things will be ok, without taking action to make them so. A much braver viewpoint to take is to embrace the uncertainty and complexity of life and surrender the need for quick, sterile answers to life. To be able to focus on questions rather than answers, and to have the humility to say I don’t know what will happen, I don’t know how to do this, is to be highly commended. 
And by adding the single word yet, one is able to take this freeing phrase up higher to a level that suggests that all is possible. Just because you do not know how your job will pan out on 31st December, does not mean you will never know: it just means that the answers will not come quickly or easily. 

To embrace difficulty and uncertainty takes true bravery and will provide huge benefits in your life. 
Every success and wonderful moment in my life has been linked to moments of uncertainty, vagueness, anxiety and faith at some level. I do not believe that we are meant to have easy answers and that like a child having a lightbulb moment in a classroom,  answers are only precious after a journey of failure and discovery, which crafts and cradles them in a cocoon of real character.
So over the next few days, as people may ask you about your plans for the New Year, as questions arise and you may well have doubts and difficult moments, smile, embrace the challenge and say:
I don’t know….yet

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