2016- my happiest memories: holding a tarantula!

2016 Reflections my happiness memories 

As 2017 is due to start soon, one of my favourite things this week has been looking back with fondness on some of my happiest memories and times of 2016.

I’d like to share an unusual one with you, which I hope will help to lift your spirits and help you to think of your own.
Holding a python 🐍 a scorpion 🦂 and a tarantula 🕷 

At the fair I had been having a good time and was feeling in good spirits. There were good feelings, lots of hustle and bustle and a brass band playing show tunes in the sun. Suddenly I saw a woman holding a snake, which must have been two metres long!

Who would like to come and hold a python?

I would! I said immediately. I’d never held a snake before and it was huge, but for some reason I really wanted to hold it. It was so heavy! As I stroked it, it felt like it was made out of pure muscle and it felt amazing. Full of confidence, I heard a nearby person saying there was also a tarantul available to hold. I had always pretty much disliked spiders, and been quite scared of tarantulas. But because of my success holding the python, I just went for it. And what happened next amazed me.
It was so soft! I actually stroked its back and I was  talking to it: Hello, beautiful, aww you’re so beautiful! I kept saying to it. It was such a gentle, tender moment and I wasn’t scared at all. I then went on to hold a scorpion and again, it was so gentle and delicate, I was taken aback.

So I’m guessing that the spider has been defanged? I said to the owner.

Oh no, he replied, she’s poisonous. And she could spit hairs out at you like missiles! But don’t worry, she likes you!!


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