2016 highlight- my first time skiing! ☺

2016 reflections 

My happiest moment: going skiing!
Today is my birthday! So I thought today a great chance to look back on one of my happiest memories of this year- my first ever time skiing!

I’d always wanted to go skiing, but never got the opportunity. I’d been a skater and a skate boarder as a kid, so I was used to some basics, but I was very nervous. The place we went to was in the Czech Republic and it was February. I’d booked a one to one lesson with a young man to help me out, as I was a total beginner. 

As I strapped on my skis and headed out to the kiddie slope, I was still nervous but also excited! 
He was an excellent teacher and got me going down little parts, doing basic turns and even little jumps! It was lots of fun and I was surprised how much I was enjoying it. After half an hour or so he told me,
Ok Mike, good job, now you’re ready for the big slope!
He pointed up to the mountain which all the other more accomplished skiers were rushing down and I thought, ok then!

We held onto the ski lift and I managed to bang my head on it as it came round! Good job I was wearing my helmet. 
The view at the top was gorgeous: everywhere was covered with white snow and the jagged outlines of the mountains stretched all around. The only other colours were the little coloured dots darting and weaving down the mountain.
My teacher managed to get me to go down the mountain twice! I was so pleased. It really was exhilarating. Of course I fell many times, but I just got straight back up and went again. At the end of the lesson he told me I was the best person he had ever seen for a first lesson! I thanked him profusely and was beaming with pride.
The next day, full of confidence, we made some home made sledges and charged down the hill at our holiday cottage! We were at it for hours and I had so much fun just speeding down the hill, falling, getting covered in snow, laughing and going again! 
I’d definitely recommend skiing to anyone, it was one of the best experiences of my life!

Go out and ski! 


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