Happy New Year…lets eat cake!!

A very happy New Year to you!!!
Throughout this week I am going to be focusing on all the wonderful possibilities and opportunities that a New Year can present to you. But for now, let’s look backwards, to my birthday yesterday…

I had a fantastic day and I want to say a massive thank you! For all of your lovely messages, you’re very kind. 

I wanted to share with you my best present from the day, made by my girlfriend, my birthday cake!

 Check it out! 

It was a deep, rich, three layers chocolate cake with buttercream flowers and extra hot salted caramel sauce! The main cake itself was made layer by layer and the flowers were made with buttercream. Once meticulously pipped, they were put into the freezer to chill, before being added onto the cake.
A lot of spectacular looking cakes look gorgeous, but often the taste can let them down. Not this cake! It was absolutely delicious and I took great pleasure in wolfing down every bit! Here is a link to her blog and if anyone wants the recipe just let me know and I’ll put it up in here. 

From scratch with love
Once again, Happy New Year to you! Let’s make it a incredible one.


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