New Year Inspiration- Good morning routine! ☺

Good morning! I’d like to share with you 

5 tips for a good morning routine

These are helping me to get the most out of the New Year and start it off in the front foot. I hope they can help you!

1. Get up early 

I get up at 5am. It’s still dark and the stars are still twinkling. It’s beautifully quiet and peaceful and it gives me satisfaction to know that I am making the most of every hour that I am being given in the gift of the day. There’s something particularly magical about between 5am-6am, when there is no one else around. Try it! You may well find that you really enjoy it. 
2. Have a good breakfast 

Before I do anything I drink a big glass of lukewarm water with freshly squeezed lemon juice in. This is great for immediately hydrating your system as I am often very de hydrated first thing. Then it’s onto breakfast! Putting some great food into your system straight away gives you the fuel, the nutrients, the ingredients your body needs to get you operating brilliantly straight away. It’s really simple: give it great stuff and you will have energy and feel ready to do the things you want to do in the day! I had a porridge bowl with oats, chocolate protein powder, plain Greek yoghurt, peanut butter, blueberries and figs. It was great. 
3. Limit social media time

I love using social media and am the same as anyone for finding out that I end up spending too much time just surfing around, looking at nothing in particular. So try setting a stop watch time limit. I’m going for ten minutes, twice a day. The amazing thing is, when I did it this morning, I checked Facebook, instagram, twitter, google+ and LinkedIn and it only took me two minutes! More time for blogging. ☺ Liniting your social media time means that you will actually enjoy the time you spend on it rather than using it as a basis for your internet time and becoming apathetic from over use. 
4. Have quiet time 

By getting up so early, I guarantee that no matter how much you have go do in a day, you will have five minutes spare to quieten your mind. During sleep your brain is very active decluttering and sorting so making time to just sit and be is brilliant for calming and centering yourself at the start of the day. Simply sit and breathe in and out slowly, closing your eyes if you want and enjoy the peace. 
5. Ask the right questions 

As soon as you wake up, the mind can become cluttered with songs bits, memories, conversation snippets, ideas, fears, random bits. I find that by asking myself a question, it helps to give the mind something to ponder and direct thoughts. Try this one,

How can I have a great day today? 

There is no one particular answer to this question and the beauty of it is that it’s answers will be unique to you. It may be through exercising, helping people, inspiring, providing for your family and creating. When you find your mind wandering or you are unsure, come back go asking yourself this question and it can help to guide your thoughts and actions towards having a great day. 

You could try out one of these at a time, or all of them at once, go at your own pace. The most important thing is to know that small, determined little changes like these can lead to huge results in the long run over the year!

All the very best to you, 
Stay strong! 

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