New Year Inspiration- Every day is different 

Good morning to you, here’s the good news:

We get another day full of opportunity today!

It can be easy when beginning new things to focus on repetition and routine. We like a routine, we like knowing what we are doing and it’s good to see results. This could be with healthy eating, going to the gym, beginning work projects and many other things. And the first day or so can seemingly go brilliantly with no real effort at all! But it is after this that the real opportunity begins. 

If you are trying something new this year, if you are making an effort, improving something or just trying your best in all that you do, I commend you. And I’d like to share something that I have learnt recently that really helps me

Every day is different, embrace this! 

You might have had good weather yesterday, but that doesn’t mean that today the sun will shine. You may have got three green lights in a row yesterday, but that doesn’t mean today you won’t get a red. Your gym workout yesterday might have been awesome, but that doesn’t mean that today you won’t struggle. And that’s ok.

By letting go of yesterday and not exspecting  today to be the same, you become open to the real possibilities of today. Yes it may rain, but it won’t last forever. Sure you can hit red lights, but they give you a chance to catch your breath and think. And a difficult session in the gym is often a better sign of progress than an easy one!

Today will be different from yesterday, and that’s ok. Try to keep and open mind and an open heart to what today offers and you will be amazed by how much beautiful abundance there is in life. Some of my favourite memories from last year, like holding a tarantula, going sledging and starting a blog were spontaneous and unplanned. Be brave and be willing to live fully in today, right now, and wonderful things can happen. Keep your mind fixed on your goals, stay determined and know that today will be different, and that’s ok!

Best wishes 
Michael ☺

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