New Year Inspiration- Healthy Food!☺

Hello to all my wonderful readers,

I’d like to talk today about a great love of mine- food!

Roasted vegetables with mushrooms in cream, citrus lentils and grilled halloumi cheese

So, we are into Day 4 of 2017, a brand new year and I’d like to share something with you that has made a huge difference in my health- vegetarian week

My girlfriend and I created this idea last year, when we were wanting to save money. We worked out that we were spending £20 a week on meat, which meant £80 a month and £1040 a year! So we thought that if we could save that £20 a week once a month we would make an annual saving of £240! 

Now I love food of all kinds and at first this was a real challenge, but once you embrace the limitation of not being able to add meat to a dish, it forces you to get creative with flavours and textures.

 Here are 3 benefits from having a vegetarian week once a month:

1. You will consume a large amount of fruit and vegetables

If you are eating good, wholesome, healthy food then most of the plate will be made up of vegetables. The key here is to focus on how they are cooked and what flavours you add. For example, today’s picture shows carrots, parsnips and sweet potatoes oven roasted with sumac, a delicious flavour! The plate also includes 7 different vegetables in one meal! Increasing the amount of vegetables you eat will boost your systems full of fantastic natural vitamins and minerals.

2. You will feel full but not sluggish, or stodgy

This is a great benefit. After last nights dinner, I was full, but in a nice way. This was partly due to minimal sauce on the plate and also due to the fact that 80% of the plate was vegetables and lentils!

3. Increased skill with flavours.

This was a real surprise highlight for me at first. Embracing the limitation of no meat challenged me to make dishes still tasty and enjoyable. So condiments are key here! Vegeta, sumac and Cajun are some of my favourite spices. Use them on oven roasted or pan fried vegetables. Also, marinating vegetables and slow cooking them leads to gorgeous, rich textures. A particular favourite of mine here is butternut squash: it is so succulent and deep in its flavour!

So in your New Year quest of health, try out the vegetarian option for these benefits:  consume more fuit and vegetables, feel better, improved your palate and save money

And remember to enjoy food, it is such a gift to us all.

Happy eating!!
Michael ☺

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