New Year Inspiration- help from others 

Good morning, I’d like to share something special that I experienced yesterday, the power of help from others.

I’m now into my second month of blogging and I have met some wonderful, kind, very talented people. One example of this are the the couple  behind the blog rcollab.  They post some great food tutorials and tips. I’ve always been a fan of golden milk and when I saw their tutorial on it, decided to follow their recipe. It turned out brilliantly! Their excellent idea was to make a paste, which is then added to milk. One of the reasons I didn’t make it more often, was because it took quite a while. Now with the paste made and ready, I simply add some to milk and heat it and the drink is done! So thank you very much.        


Beautiful golden milk! Turmeric, coconut oil, pepper, ginger, cinnamon, honey, milk
This example of bloggers helping each other I feel can remind us of the beautiful strands and links between us all. We can all help each other, in small and huge ways. 

Our kindness has no limit and that is very exciting

When you give to another, you do not have less. In fact, you gain as if you pass in knowledge, you will still have that knowledge as well as knowing that you have passed it on. If you choose to give away an item or object, then that thing becomes wrapped in kindness, glowing and transformed into something lovely and golden. If you provide a service to others, then you are actually becoming a gift to others, which is a beautiful way to look at yourself. 

So where can you help others today? Where can your receive help from others? 

There is plenty of help to be found that you need if you ask for it. And there are plenty of people who need what you can offer. This is a very exciting prospect and one that I will be exploring today.

I invite you to try it too!

Best wishes,

Michael ☺🌎

7 thoughts on “New Year Inspiration- help from others 

  1. I agree with everyone else’s comments and I wanted to add on that I’ve been trying so hard to make this “Golden Milk” with practically same ingredients and mine looked nothing like yours😢…
    Eventually I gave up because I can’t make it like the original first cup I ever had.😔

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