New Year Inspiration- Healthy Eating. Keep it home made! 

Good morning to you!

So the first week of the New Year is coming to a close and I hope it has been brilliant for you. I’ve been enjoying vegetarian week and it has taught me a principle that I’d like to to share with you: keep it home made!

North African butternut squash stew with chickpeas and lentils

I was watching a programme the other night about the world’s best diets. Iceland was the best because of its large consumption of fish, fermented food andunprocessed  foods: foods that, as one man put it, look like what they are!

The programme went on to suggest that by growing and making our own food, we can truly nourish and provide wonderfully for our bodies. Having an allotment is a great pleasure of mine and I’m really looking forward to sharing all the beautiful fruit and veg we will be growing with you this year! And beyond food, I feel that the principle of  keep it home made for optimal health and success can be applied.

To me, being home made means anything that you create yourself. We buy and consume a lot of things: from items on Amazon to tv programmes to information from the internet. And that’s fine. However, I feel that we must also produce, provide and give things out into the world. 

It may be a blog like this, or baking cookies for friends or even giving hugs and smiles because you feel like it! 

The acts of creating, making and giving are wondering acts of self expression and they all start in the home!

Now your home can mean the place that you live, or you could also define it as being yourself, if you feel that your home is deep within your heart. Your home could also come from your faith or a place where you feel valued and happy. Keeping things home made means bringing things out from this special place of your home out into the world, and the very best things start deep within.

Here’s some ideas of home made things you might like to try:

1. Making your own food 

2. Crafting and sculpting your body with fitness 

3. Expressing yourself  creatively: drawing, painting, making objects, playing music, writing, thinking, anything that inspires you.

4. Creating your own ideas and philosophieswhat do you think is important? Not just what others think. What is right in your mind? How do you see the world?

5. Grow something! A plant, flowers, fruit, vegetables, anything! 

So enjoy creating and beginning from inside your home and giving out into the world! Home made food tastes so satisfying and anything you create yourself will have your name attached to it, so make it good!

What are your proud of that is home made? 

I’d love to hear from you.


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