New Years inspiration: exciting projects! 

Today’s blog is a little bit different. 

I’d like to tell you about an exciting project that I’m involved in. My whole family are musical and my uncle, father, two of my brothers and I are in a band together. 

We are called The Quigleys and we play rock and pop covers. We have been together for around 15 years, and today we had a photo shoot. A good friend of mine, James Randolph of James Randolph Photography, came to our music studio to take the pictures. Always professional and fun, he did a brilliant job.

Here are some unofficial bits that I took, the official photos will be in a follow up blog! 

Here is our drummer Pete, myself on bass and my brother Matt on guitar, father Kevin on guitar and our friendly neighbourhood photographer James!


This year I am aiming to really improve our presence on social media: to make lots of new connections and enjoy playing music for lots of god people! I am very excited about putting lots of energy into this project, as I know we can do a lot for our local community, as well as friends and family round the globe, by spreading the great healing connective power of music.

What exciting projects are you part of in 2017? I’d love to know. 

Best wishes,


5 thoughts on “New Years inspiration: exciting projects! 

  1. This is awesome! I wish you guys much success in your music project. ☺😊
    I myself am trying to do things I always feared of doing.
    And take all the projects I’m currently working on to another level. And write a book. ☺😊

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    1. Thank you Karen, that’s very kind of you! That’s great to hear that you are challenging yourself and striving forward. That’s the spirit!. Best of luck writing the book, I’ve written Ebooks, they are fun and if you enjoy blogging they might be a good way into writing books. ☺⭐️👍🏻

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  2. HI Michael,
    Thanks for following ‘Your Confidence Club’. I look forward to reading your posts too.
    My project is to complete my novel and submit it for critiques as widely as I can, before looking for an agent.
    It has to be done!!!


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