New Years Inspiration: wonderful things!

To my dearest readers,

Wonderful things are coming!!….. 

Sounds great doesn’t it? And why not, why not believe that wonderful things are coming to you? Why not be open to their possibility? Why not expect them? 

A sense of wonder by Michael Quigley 

I’ve been reading and thinking a lot about positivity and a positive mindset. I think that they are wonderful, however I have read and seen and heard many slating them saying one is being unrealistic, too full on, not seeing the full picture and so on by being overtly positive in one’s mindset.

Now I am not going to defend a positive mindset, nor agree that they are not useful. Instead I will suggest this phrase again, 

Wonderful things are coming…

To expect wonderful things, one must be taking actions towards wonderful things. And to say that they are coming means they are not quite here yet. 

And so the phrase becomes both a hope for the future and a transformation of the present into working towards a better one.

It does not mean passively waiting and expecting wonderful relationships, health, wealth and vitality to just turn up and embrace us. 

No, it empowers us to seek them out ourselves, to be open to opportunities and to embrace everything, including so called negative experiences, as wonderful things. Seen in that way, even suffering can lead to s sense of wonder, a sense of seeking the deeper meaning of events and finding a meaning through them, like the extraordinary man Victor Frankl did in horrific war times….

I begin each day by stating to myself, Wonderful opportunities await me today, which helps me to be open to all that life will offer in the day, to embrace it, to act upon it and to be transformed with a sense of wonder, appreciation and the deeper meanings to be found in all things.

Try this phrase out for yourself today!

And may your day be wonderful 


4 thoughts on “New Years Inspiration: wonderful things!

  1. Beautifully written and I am one of those positive minds. That doesn’t mean bad things haven’t happened to me or won’t continue to happen. But nothing was ever solved by stressing myself out over being negative and I have nothing to loose by believing and commanding good things into my life 😉❤️

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