New Years Inspiration: time

Hello to you all,

We are into the second week of the New Year now and I hope it is going well for you! I’d like to suggest a phrase to you that I have been telling myself, which has helped me to stay relaxed and calm: you still have time. 

I know that there are people in this world who are truly suffering and I write this in solidarity with, not in ignorance of, them.  My love for people is why I am writing this. It’s easy at the moment to think that we have to do everything straight away, all at once and to the highest standard. But the thing about making New Years’ resolutions is that you have a year to complete them, not just a month!

And so it is with our lives. Our perception of time is often not very accurate: we have both less and more time than we realise. If we think the rest of our lives must be squeezed into this year, then we are rushing and we have so much more time than that. Conversely, if we think we have all the time in the world, we are in for a rude awakening. 

To paraphrase the fantastic Buddhist Monk Matthieu Richard said, You would not begrudge the time it takes to complete an education or master a skill, so why complain on how long it takes to become a well rounded, happy human being? It is a life long process. 

So some things in our lives must be completed quickly and well, such as deadlines and particular projects. But others, like relationships, our health, our happiness with ourselves and our positive impact on the world: we have our whole lives to craft and refine these.

So consider your time and take it well!

I wish you both  the gift of joy in happy times and the resilience to endure the difficult. 


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