New Years Inspiration: listening 

Are we listening? 

The world is always talking; giving information, opinions, facts, figures, ideas, all sorts of things. And it is important to know when to listen: for in doing so, you can gain and become ideas and concepts initially above and beyond you in seconds. You can also truly empathise with a loved one, through listening, or learning a new point of view.

It’s easy to talk, as they say in Game of Thrones, words are wind. And yet to truly listen, one becomes open, receptive,  in-judgemental, careful and honest

To fully listen to another is one of the great gifts we can give someone, for we are giving ourselves to them in that moment

And what a wonderful thing to do. 

Also, it is important to listen in other ways. To listen to nature, one can look up at the moon and stars on a cold winters nights and be open to their beauty, that’s true listening. And to sit in silence and invite in the world or to hold onto the silent space between sounds is also so beautiful and important. I make it a habit to, at least twice a day, simply sit and listen. 

So try if today and realise the power and grace of listening: with your ears, your mind and with your heart.

 There are incredible sounds of life happening right now, you just need to listen to them.

Best wishes 

Michael 😁


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