New Years Inspiration: try something new!

This is the year, this is the day, this is the time to try something new! I embraced this yesterday and had a brand new experience: I went horse riding!  🐴 

It was fantastic. I had a horse called Bobby, a laid back, relaxed grey and white horse who was very patient with me. I managed to walk, trot and rising trot on my own and it was brilliant! Picking up the basics of stop, start and go were very accessible and I was surprised by how  much I got to do in a short space of time.

What really moved me however, was the sheer power and presence of the animal. Although I had never ridden a horse before in my life, something about being close to the animal felt familiar. Like how we humans have domesticated and grown with dogs over centuries, the same is true of horses. Sat up there I imagined all my ancestors who had ridden horses before me. It was a profound experience and my favourite part was just being with the animal: talking to him, stroking him and riding him.

I’d thoroughly recommend horse riding, even just as a one off lesson, it’s a great experience. And remember to try something new, do something spontaneously or in a different way to usual. I guarantee it will envigorate you and remind you of just how many beautiful wonders there are to behold in our world.

Saddle up!


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