New Years Inspiration: Crossfit

Good morning everyone,

It’s a beautiful morning here on my trip down in the south of England and I’d like to tell you about another new thing I have tried whilst here: crossfit

In my fitness training  over the years I have done marital arts, climbing, running, swimming, strongman training, cycling, tai chi and yoga and I’d always been interested in trying out crossfit. After a game of badminton I got an opportunity to train with a guy called Ben, a personal trainer who loves crossfit and has a real passion for it.

I said to him,

You just train me, anything you want…he smiled widely and  we were off!

He showed me how to do thrusters, an exercise combining a shoulder press with a squat. These are a great full body exercise. Another exercise technique he showed me was EMOMsevery minute on the minute. So we set an amount of 10, and gave ourselves one minute to complete 10 reps inside a minute of a variety of exercises. Here is what we did:

Press ups x 10

Pull ups x 10 

Thrusters x 10

Burpees x 10

That made 1  round and we did 4 rounds, finishing with as many burpees as we could do in a minute! It was brilliant and it was so good to learn new exercises and to look at fitness from a different point of view. I’m definitely going to use thrusters and EMOMs in my future training, as well as learn more about cross fit and people such as Richard Froning and Sam Briggs.

So if you’re into fitness, try out crossfit, it’s definitely a good workout

Equally, keeping your mind open, willing to learn, fail, adapt and grow will open up the whole world to you, as it has done to me.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend

Michael 😁💪🏻⭐️

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