New Years Inspiration: dancing a ceilidh

I would like to tell you about another wonderful new experience I have enjoyed this year.

Last night I danced in a ceilidh!

For anyone who has not done this, it is a series of patterned dances played out to folk music, where partners dance together and within a larger group. It is high energy and very invigorating.

Here are 5 things that it taught me:

1. Music is universal. It doesn’t matter where people comes from, who they are or what they look like, everyone can access music, join in and have fun dancing.

2. Its very easy to make friends. Because you are constantly swapping partners, a big smile and the right open attitude means you are soon dancing with a new friend. 

3. Music is a great thing. We all came together, danced, smiled, enjoyed the sounds and laughed. Music was the facilitator. 

4. Dancing keeps you young at heart. It was brilliant to see the range of people joining in, from a 3 year old girl to couples in their 80s. We were all dancing equals, smiling away. 

5. Get over yourself. Do not worry about looking silly or making mistakes. As in life, if we can focus on the task at hand, give ourselves to it fully without fear of failure or ridicule, then we will learn very quickly and are then pretty much untouchable.

See you on the dance floor! 

Michael 😁


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