New Years Inspiration: keep going 

When the morning is dark and your eyelids are heavy 

Keep going 

And you question yourself and all the burdens you carry

Keep going

When you shrink and you baulk at the the tasks at hand

Keep going 

And no one really can help and no one understands 

Keep going 

For you are forging a path that leads for others 

Keep going 

And you are creating anew all that’s good in you 

Keep going

You may be scared and tired and afraid and lonely

Keep going 

For you are finding bravest the strongest the only 

And you will see what is hidden and know what is true 

And your smile with be wide and your eyes bright and new

Your body will be lifted your spirit will soar

You will glisten with energy, laughter and joy

Never give up never give in

Prepare for victory, prepare to win! 


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