New Years Inspiration: try something new! Yoga

Good morning!

This year I have been trying out lots of new things- horse riding, trampolining and yesterday I tried out a new type of yogaKundolini.

Having practised yoga for years, I was keen when my brother told me that it was challenging! And it was good fun. If you’d like to try it, here’s three things that I enjoyed about it:

1. Breathing– there are several different breathing exercises which you can try, such as breath of fire. 🔥They are easy to do but difficult to master! I find that after doing them I am more relaxed.

2. Stamina– you need stamina for Kundolini! Some of the movements are practised over 💯 times and for several minutes! A good challenge for the body.

3. Chanting. This was my favourite part. I am from a very musical family and we love to sing and play instruments. Chanting mantras as a group was very enjoyable. Hearing several people hitting the same notes and holding them produces a very powerful sound, which I enjoyed. We used the mantra ong nano guru dev namo, which I was told helped us tune in with other teachers.

I’ll definitely be going back and I’d recommend that if you want something a little bit different from your exercise, that you check it out!



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