New Years Inspiration: gymnastics! ☺

Dearest readers,

My gymnastic adventures continue! Yesterday I was determined that I was going to land a front somersault… and I did! 

It is so liberating and wonderful to see what the human body is capable of under the right conditions! In two hours of trampolining I can now do front, side and back somersaults. This has been a wonderful boost for my confidence in both my body and my mind’s. abilities. I thoroughly recommend that you try going to a trampolining park, to experience the joy of flight! It’s fantastic.

The key I found is to believe that you are going to land a particular move, to tell your body that you are going to, to feel the movement in your body and once you are bouncing high enough, to clear your mind and just let it happen. 

I am very excited to see what will come next! 

Hugs and flips



3 thoughts on “New Years Inspiration: gymnastics! ☺

  1. Nice work! For what it’s worth, something that you can play with to help build your air awareness and confidence is doing bounces on your back, your butt, if flexible enough your stomach, and also try to transition between each position. For example, bounce from butt to chest, chest to butt… Happy flipping!

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