New Years Inspiration: end of January- persevere!

So January ends soon, I hope it has been good for you. 

If you made a New Years resolution, or wanted to improve something in your life, you are one month into it so far, so how is it going?

A wonderful inspiring little man! 😊

Here are five ideas I’d like to share to keep you determined through these dark, cold January days:

1. Pace yourself 

It’s easy to try and see the year, 2017, as a whole. And to live under a weight of expectation for it. But each year only plays out one day at a time. So if you are making changes in your life, know that  they may take a full year, or more. So don’t worry if you haven’t achieved them in January, or even if you haven’t seen any progress at all! Now is the time to be planting seeds in hope, knowing spring will soon be here. 

2. Be kind to yourself 

Odds are, if you are committed, you have been going at things pretty hard. Or perhaps the other way, you just can’t seem to get going. Relax, both, or even a mixture of the two, are normal. If you take the time to acknowledge this, congratulate and support yourself, you will feel more able to carry on. 

3. Stay mentally well 

It’s so easy to feel sorry for ourselves. To complain, to beat ourselves up. And yet, to put it bluntly, this will neither improve ourselves nor make us happier. It is a habit to break. When I am tired or hungry or both (!) I find my mind goes for a wonder down negative road and I have to pull it back in. The best way I have found is to let negative thoughts just come and go and not attach anything to them, whilst focusing on a positive phrase, such as, I‘m doing my best or everyday I’m getting better. 

4. Keep your mind on the big picture 

Every day is important and yet not all parts of it are. We needs to be able to figure out which is which.  Remember who you are and what you are aiming to achieve. Think about it daily, remember you are on your way there and stay relaxed. This will help you to not be upset by annoying daily occurrences such as rain, traffic, colds, tiredness or other peoples’ negativity. 

5. You must do something new 

Your body and mind are the way they are because of the thoughts, actions and experiences of your past. In order to change in any of these areas, requires your to do different things. So for your body, you must try different exercises or combinations. For your mind, you must trying different thoughts and patterns and for your experiences, seek out brand new, fresh, vital experiences. It is only in doing, trying and being these new, different things that you will experience new and different outcomes and rewards.

I wish you the very best on your journey, keep going!


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