New Blog Series: Body transformation!

Hi guys,

My brand new blog is now running from From scratch with love !! 🤓🙌⭐️ I’m really pleased with it and I think you will like it to. So to all my followers and friends, please click on the link and subscribe to it and enjoy! Here’s a link to today’s new blog on my body transformation! 

My Body transformation
Mike ðŸ¤“⭐️

New Years Inspiration: Crossfit

Good morning everyone,

It’s a beautiful morning here on my trip down in the south of England and I’d like to tell you about another new thing I have tried whilst here: crossfit

In my fitness training  over the years I have done marital arts, climbing, running, swimming, strongman training, cycling, tai chi and yoga and I’d always been interested in trying out crossfit. After a game of badminton I got an opportunity to train with a guy called Ben, a personal trainer who loves crossfit and has a real passion for it.

I said to him,

You just train me, anything you want…he smiled widely and  we were off!

He showed me how to do thrusters, an exercise combining a shoulder press with a squat. These are a great full body exercise. Another exercise technique he showed me was EMOMsevery minute on the minute. So we set an amount of 10, and gave ourselves one minute to complete 10 reps inside a minute of a variety of exercises. Here is what we did:

Press ups x 10

Pull ups x 10 

Thrusters x 10

Burpees x 10

That made 1  round and we did 4 rounds, finishing with as many burpees as we could do in a minute! It was brilliant and it was so good to learn new exercises and to look at fitness from a different point of view. I’m definitely going to use thrusters and EMOMs in my future training, as well as learn more about cross fit and people such as Richard Froning and Sam Briggs.

So if you’re into fitness, try out crossfit, it’s definitely a good workout

Equally, keeping your mind open, willing to learn, fail, adapt and grow will open up the whole world to you, as it has done to me.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend

Michael ðŸ˜ðŸ’ªðŸ»â­ï¸

Part 3 The mental side of Strongman and how you can benefit from it!!..

There are huge mental benefits to be gained from Strongman training. When you are squatting down and grabbing a 250kg tyre, it cannot be lifted with just form. There has to be intent behind it, you have to say to yourself and your body:

I am going to lift this!

And through doing that, you find a way and push beyond what you thought was possible. After we trained, I was moving the equipment back and it felt so heavy! Whereas before, my mind was focused on the task and I managed to lift and carry way beyond what was possible to me in a normal moment.

So what is happening here that if helpful?    
 A great deal in terms of building character

The ability to carry on when the body has hit failure, to be resilient and find a way forward is something that can help you at any point in your life. Your body and mind have such deep resources of energy and power, we just do not usually have to use them in a daily situation. But if you can call upon mental and physical strength reserves in one situation, can they be called upon and transferred into a different situation? Of course they can. Simply look at all the many examples of humans who have turned their adversity into hope and power: such as Nelson Mandela, Oscar Romero, Marin Luther King Junior, JK Rowling and the Malala Yousafzai. 

The human spirit is an incredible thing and such an extreme situation as a Strongman training session can bring out the best in you

If done properly, physical training can build your mental reserves, toughen your resolve and show you just how much you can do. It does not need to be Strongman or even weight training. Mo Farah showed such strength after falling over to come back and win two gold medals this summer! Such examples of the incredible statue of the human spirit can be found in sport and throughout history, we just have to look for them.

So in your own training and your own life, where can you really challenge yourself? Do you need others around you to help you do it? Are you selling yourself short? Do you need someone to help show you how? 

These are all great questions to ask yourself to improve both your mental outlook on life and any area of physical or mental training. Remember, strength can be demonstrated in so many ways: lifting weights, showing patience, enduring difficult circumstances, persevering with hope, considering others and choosing to act with integrity. All these amazing possibilities to grow and develop are open to you right now. Enjoy them.

Yours in strength,


Strongman 2- The tyre strikes back!!…

Strongman 2 The tyre strike back!! 
Today I returned for some more Strongman training! I’d like to share with you what I did, why I love it and what I think you can take from it either to add the practice into your own life or to apply principles that it teaches you…

Today we did tyre flips, farmer carries, grip training, log press and rope pulls. Firstly the tyre is alway intimidating. At 250kg, it weighs over 3x my body weight and the form is so important when lifting it; getting underneath it, staying close to it and driving up and forward all he way. Today I had a new training partner, Dan, and he did brilliantly. Having someone extra there is so helpful to keep you motivated, to drive you on and create an energy and a camaraderie between the group of us. 

What I love about strongman training is that there is no room for messing around, you can either lift the objects or you cannot

And because the objects are so heavy, form is so very important and that is a great tip for any kind of fitness training. A new exercise we did was the farmer carries. This involves picking up a large bar with handles and walking or jogging to a cone and back. It sounds simple, but it isn’t. Once we kept adding weight I realised that I was lifting kg in each hand which combined for 150jg, which is 50kg heavier than my usual deadlift! This exercise really challenged me and I began having to really use breathing control and focus, in order to get through it.

Next was grip training, where we simply picked up the bars and held them for as long as possible. This is just as much a mental challenge as a physical one. At the point where you feel you have to drop the weight, or can override that with your mind and your focus… up to a point! You know when you completely have to drop them, as they just go down and there is nothing you can do to stop them!

After that was the log press. For this, form is very important. This involves picking up a 40kg log with handles with a deadlift, then dropping down into a squat, rolling the log up your chest and eventually lifting it above your head! This one exercise combines a deadlift, a squat and a military press all in one and is a real challenge, and then we went and added extra weight on top of that.

The final exercise was by far the most challenging, but also one of the finest as it involved me and Dan working together

We loaded 60kg onto a plate attached to the end of a rope. We then stood at opposite ends of the rope. One of us pulled the weight towards us by pulling the rope all the way to our feet from full extension, then we would pick up the top and run to the opposite person and allow them to do the same. And we each did it ten times! The first five were difficult it, but the final five were absolutely killer! I had to shout, to keep my energy levels and I came close to being sick for the first time. But when we finished as we both stood there panting, sweating, with steam raising from our clothes and gasping for breath, I could feel a feel sense of satisfaction rising in my chest…. 
Part 3 The mental side of strongman and how you can benefit from it!!..

Coming tomorrow morning!