New Years Inspiration: try something new! Yoga

Good morning!

This year I have been trying out lots of new things- horse riding, trampolining and yesterday I tried out a new type of yogaKundolini.

Having practised yoga for years, I was keen when my brother told me that it was challenging! And it was good fun. If you’d like to try it, here’s three things that I enjoyed about it:

1. Breathing– there are several different breathing exercises which you can try, such as breath of fire. 🔥They are easy to do but difficult to master! I find that after doing them I am more relaxed.

2. Stamina– you need stamina for Kundolini! Some of the movements are practised over 💯 times and for several minutes! A good challenge for the body.

3. Chanting. This was my favourite part. I am from a very musical family and we love to sing and play instruments. Chanting mantras as a group was very enjoyable. Hearing several people hitting the same notes and holding them produces a very powerful sound, which I enjoyed. We used the mantra ong nano guru dev namo, which I was told helped us tune in with other teachers.

I’ll definitely be going back and I’d recommend that if you want something a little bit different from your exercise, that you check it out!



New Years Inspiration: dancing a ceilidh

I would like to tell you about another wonderful new experience I have enjoyed this year.

Last night I danced in a ceilidh!

For anyone who has not done this, it is a series of patterned dances played out to folk music, where partners dance together and within a larger group. It is high energy and very invigorating.

Here are 5 things that it taught me:

1. Music is universal. It doesn’t matter where people comes from, who they are or what they look like, everyone can access music, join in and have fun dancing.

2. Its very easy to make friends. Because you are constantly swapping partners, a big smile and the right open attitude means you are soon dancing with a new friend. 

3. Music is a great thing. We all came together, danced, smiled, enjoyed the sounds and laughed. Music was the facilitator. 

4. Dancing keeps you young at heart. It was brilliant to see the range of people joining in, from a 3 year old girl to couples in their 80s. We were all dancing equals, smiling away. 

5. Get over yourself. Do not worry about looking silly or making mistakes. As in life, if we can focus on the task at hand, give ourselves to it fully without fear of failure or ridicule, then we will learn very quickly and are then pretty much untouchable.

See you on the dance floor! 

Michael 😁

New Years Inspiration: listening 

Are we listening? 

The world is always talking; giving information, opinions, facts, figures, ideas, all sorts of things. And it is important to know when to listen: for in doing so, you can gain and become ideas and concepts initially above and beyond you in seconds. You can also truly empathise with a loved one, through listening, or learning a new point of view.

It’s easy to talk, as they say in Game of Thrones, words are wind. And yet to truly listen, one becomes open, receptive,  in-judgemental, careful and honest

To fully listen to another is one of the great gifts we can give someone, for we are giving ourselves to them in that moment

And what a wonderful thing to do. 

Also, it is important to listen in other ways. To listen to nature, one can look up at the moon and stars on a cold winters nights and be open to their beauty, that’s true listening. And to sit in silence and invite in the world or to hold onto the silent space between sounds is also so beautiful and important. I make it a habit to, at least twice a day, simply sit and listen. 

So try if today and realise the power and grace of listening: with your ears, your mind and with your heart.

 There are incredible sounds of life happening right now, you just need to listen to them.

Best wishes 

Michael 😁

New Years inspiration: exciting projects! 

Today’s blog is a little bit different. 

I’d like to tell you about an exciting project that I’m involved in. My whole family are musical and my uncle, father, two of my brothers and I are in a band together. 

We are called The Quigleys and we play rock and pop covers. We have been together for around 15 years, and today we had a photo shoot. A good friend of mine, James Randolph of James Randolph Photography, came to our music studio to take the pictures. Always professional and fun, he did a brilliant job.

Here are some unofficial bits that I took, the official photos will be in a follow up blog! 

Here is our drummer Pete, myself on bass and my brother Matt on guitar, father Kevin on guitar and our friendly neighbourhood photographer James!


This year I am aiming to really improve our presence on social media: to make lots of new connections and enjoy playing music for lots of god people! I am very excited about putting lots of energy into this project, as I know we can do a lot for our local community, as well as friends and family round the globe, by spreading the great healing connective power of music.

What exciting projects are you part of in 2017? I’d love to know. 

Best wishes,