Advent Reflections- The Power of People 

Here’s some inspiration about the power of people to help you with your Advent Reflections. 

We are all in it together
This life, is full of people. Some we like, others we do not. Some we love and others we find hard to love, and yet it is true that regardless of this, we are all in it together. There are some incredible, beautiful wonders of the world and yet, the most beautiful and incredible wonders are walking round amongst us every day- the people in our lives.

Our mothers, our fathers, our friends, the strangers in the streets. We are all made of the dust of dying stars and full of billions of cells. Each of us is a walking miracle and it can be so easy to miss this due to over exposure and under appreciation. Too often, an illness or a terrible accident can take away the people we love or reduce our quality of life before we realise the preciousness of our people. But it does not need to be like this.

Take a moment to think of those you know and love. And then think of those you don’t know, they too will be loved by someone somewhere. 

Each one of us is lovable 

And so,  we are all loved by somebody, so why not each other? Each example of life desrves respect, wonder and care and it is our privilege to look after each other. A nice phrase I like to use to remind myself of this is, when I see a group or crowd of people that I don’t know, remind myself that:

These are my people.

To me, my people are all people of this world, not those of a particular race, sex, religion or family. All people are my people as they all are an example of vibrant life. Remembering this universality will open up the world and all its people to you. Many times in my life, I have been amazed and heartened by the wonderful nature and giving attitude of life and its people and each stranger to me, loved by someone somewhere, is just as capable of amazing things as anyone else in this world.

So our people are such a precious resource, and I believe in people and their power. I have spent time with many people of all ages and abilities and the more I do so, the more I see good in people, I see a need for love and a desire to be happy and well, for themselves and each other.

May you hold the people in your life precious and close today

I have been honoured to feature in The Lancashire Wellness Monthly Newsletter providing their thought for the month! ☺