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Spiritual rest

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Make time to regenerate! 5 tips to help you rejuvenate yourself in time for the  New Year 

What are you filling your days with?

Make time for regeneration

And so if we are fortunate, we have a few days now to spend in leisure before the New Year and picking up our work loads. The question becomes, 

What are you filling your days with?

Now I propose a slightly different use of time to the usual long lie ins, slobbing around and eating whatever is left in the fridge. I propose that you can engage in lots of what I call regeneration time.
Regeneration time is simply time spent doing, or not doing, activities that help to regenerate your health in some way. These can be for your physical body, your mind and your spirit or all three at once. I am going to recommend five activities that you can try out over the next few days to help to regenerate and rejuvenate yourself to help make sure that your time is spent well.
1. Quiet time 

Being with family and friends is wonderful and one of the joys of Christmas, but we must also make time to be alone. Simply sit quietly and allow your mind to go blank. Light a candle or some incense or just sit and allow yourself to be present in that moment. If you are at a family event, just step outside and breathe deeply outside for a few minutes. Spending  quiet time allows your mind to catch up and process all of the things that have been going one and allows yourself to catch your breath, which will help you to feel more centred and calm. 
2. Writing and reading 

Writing is an excellent way of slowing down your mind and allowing it to process what has been going on. You may write down some of your recent highlights or things that you are grateful for. Or it might be a cathartic way of expressing your anger and frustration. Whatever it is, writing is a great gift you can give to yourself. Reading is also one of the great pleasures of life. As well as reading powerful, informative, educational material, make time for reading just for fun. 

I am currently greatly enjoying reading Neil Gaiman’s Odd and the frost giants!

3. Gentle exercise

Exercise is medicine. It is so good for you, but so is rest. After a few days of doing nothing, begin again with gentle walking, yoga or running. These activities can be as gentle or as vigorous as you want and will get your blood pumping, your body moving and give you a good burst of endorphins, which you will not get on the sofa watching tv.
4. Eating good stuff as well as bad 

We have all been enjoying lots of treats and goodies and in the New Year lots of people will be wanting to eat more healthily. So for now I propose a compromise. Between now and in the New Year, rather than just eating junk, aim for three proper meals in a day, and then have treats on top of that. 

Regulating your food and getting some good vitamins and minerals in, will prepare you to get back to good habits in the New Year, rather than shocking it by going from junk to super strict eating

I am still going to be eating chocolate and treats, just in between meals, and not for breakfast ! 

5. Deep breathing

 It is so easy to lose track of the quality of our breathing. I make lots of effort to engage in deep, controlled breathing several times a day. You simply breathe  in deeply through your nose and out through your mouth several times. This serves firstly to bring yourself back into the present moment, it also helps to calm your mind and centre yourself. Deep breathing help  you to relax and if you get outside to do it in fresh air, even better!
I hope that you find these regeneration techniques helpful. I am going to be doing lots of these over the next few days, to help to build up my mental and physical reserves in preparation for the New Year.
What do you do to help build yourself up?

I’d love to hear from you 
Regenerate yourself like The Doctor!

Michael ☺

Ps a special hello and thank you to all my readers in India!!